When I started this series, I got letters saying "you're taking life and death too lightly" and all that, but I don't plan on saying anything against it or anything, (even after the series is over) but if I were to put it into words, then it would be "I can't tell what's light and what's not, because it's too vague, but I know that everyone's given only one life" ...I think. Because we're all feeling our way through this together. ...And the rest, feel it in the manga.

To tell you the truth, this story was written for some friends of mine. Perhaps to get rid of my regret that I couldn't say anything to them back then...

This is the only to get clean. For me.

I think the time is ripe to talk about the big squids. (Out of the blue)

I just love love love love love love sea creatures, especially crabs and squid; and ones that are really hard and ones that are really soft, and ones that make you think "how did they turn out this way?!" when you see them... they're the best! Kabutogani (type of crab) for example!

Out of all of them, the one that I really love the best is, no use in hiding it; the big squid. Sometimes, in the news there would be something like "Large Squid Washes up on Shore", and that squid is in fact, the very squid that I am in love with, the big squid!!!

According to some divers' stories, there seems to be one that measures up to 18 m. including the tentacles... but since it seems that they live deep beneath the sea, the sightings are very rare... In a musuem in Washington, U.S. I heard there's a stuffed one 3 m. long, but unfortunately I'm so busy I can't take a trip overseas... I want to see it!!! If you're wondering just how much I love this giant squid, well... If I could see a 18 m. squid alive, then I wouldn't mind being killed by the Its Majesty the squid. (I wouldn't want to be killed, but I could see it, then I would glady give up this this life!!!) But it has to be 18 m.

Ohhh... I love you....

Meroko: (in rabbit form) You're such a weird woman.
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