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    01:44, August 18, 2018

    Hi! Earlier I made edits on Mitsuki's estimated age using the Japanese school system and made some updates to Takuto's page (also pointing out his age as a human is unknown, but in the anime he looks 'youthful' with his ponytail and guitar). I hope these edits were useful! People seem to be confused by the ages a lot, especially on Tumblr, which is why I was noting those things.

    A bit later on (when I get the chance to reread the manga) I may make a few more notes on age estimates when it comes to the timeline and Mitsuki + Eiichi (+Takuto). I hope that'll be ok!

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    • Yes; the edits were useful, especially the info about the Japanese school system as I'm sure there's people who aren't familiar with it.

      It's definitely okay to add more notes on age estimates. On a related note... Some wikis have a timeline page about events that took place during the series. I'm starting to consider on doing that on this wiki (Two separate pages, of course. One for the anime, another for the manga).

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