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"My Promise to Eichi" (英知くんとの約束 Eichi-kun to no Yakusoku) is the second episode of the anime adapted from Full Moon o Sagashite.

Episode Summary[]


  • Mitsuki makes a comment that the song, "New Future," that she sang at the end of the previous episode is a song that her father wrote. In real life, the song is really by Changin' My Life, Mitsuki's Japanese voice actress Myco's band.


  • There are some points in the episode where Meroko's gloves disappear.
  • When Meroko transforms into Eichi, she is the same height when she transforms. But when she goes and talks to Mitsuki as Eichi, she is just a bit taller than Mitsuki. Meroko is much more taller than Mitsuki, so if she transformed into Eichi and was still the same size, it would not make sense.