"My Promise to Eichi" (英知くんとの約束 Eichi-kun to no Yakusoku?) is the second episode of the anime adapted from Full Moon o Sagashite.


  • Mitsuki makes a comment that the song, "New Future," that she sang at the end of the previous episode is a song that her father wrote. Of course, in real life, the song is really by Changin' My Life, Mitsuki's voice actress Myco's band.


  • There are some points in the episode where Meroko's gloves disappear.
  • When Meroko transforms into Eichi, she is the same height when she transforms. But when she goes and talks to Mitsuki as Eichi, she is just a bit taller than Mitsuki. Meroko is much more taller than Mitsuki, so if she transformed into Eichi and was still the same size, it would not make sense.


"I Want to Sing!"
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