Hello!! Nice to meet those who are reading my work for the first time. I'm Tanemura Arina. This is "Full Moon wo Sagashite" #1, my first comic in a awhile. I'm so happy! "Full Moon" started in the January 2002 issue of Ribon, so I was surprised when they suddenly decided to create an anime version. -You sure!!? There's only 4 chapters!! (At the time, that's all there were.)- That's how I felt.

When this was decided, I was still nervous about starting a news series, so things were pretty chaotic. I'll just have to make the manga fun and help the anime succeed.

Full Moon wo Sagashite is...

Every Saturday Morning at 7:30 on TV-Tokyo!!

From what I've seen the Anime staff likes Meroko!!? Onion Ramen is on a rampage.

Li'l Character Introductions

Kouyama Mitsuki

Her hair is like that of one of the members of the band Morning Musume, Mari. (I usually don't use a model or motif when coming up with a character, though.) The character model was one of my assistants, Airi. She's 19, but looks like a grade-school. I took (without asking...) the name from a radio show by Kamiyama sensei called "Club DB." (I'm sorry, Kamiyama sensei).

Mitsuki-chan's personality is frankly 160 degrees (20 off) different from mine, so it's hard to become her and write. If I can't become the character, it's hard for me to come up with dialogue. (I play out the rough drafts in my head.) So I try to listen to music and let that inspire me.

Takuto Kira (A bad shinigami who says the wrong things.)

I wanted him to look like a toy, so I dressed him like this. The cat version was something I drew a while back that has appeared in others of my series. (I used it again.) It first appeared in book 7 of "Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne." Those that want to be obsessive fans can call Takuto in cat (neko) form "neko-kun." (laugh)

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