Full Moon o Sagashite Wiki
Chapter # Japanese title and translation English title
Chapter 01 みつきさんのケース
(Mitsuki-san's Case)
Mitsuki's Case
Chapter 02 アズ·ロング·アズ·私の翼は飛ぶことができるように
(As Long as My Wings Can Fly)
As Long As My Wings Can Fly
Chapter 03 それはギフトだ
(It's a Gift)
It's a Gift
Chapter 04 我々はハーフ天使の両方だ
(We are Both Half Angels)
We're Both Half-Angels
Chapter 05 中空海の真ん中に
(In the Middle of the Hollow Sea)
In the Middle of a Hollow Sea
Chapter 06 "Madoka's" Standards
Chapter 07 The One I Earnestly Love Is You
Chapter 08 The Never-Ending Feast of Life
Chapter 09 If There Is Still Time
Chapter 10 Love and Loneliness
Chapter 11 Vision of an Angel
Chapter 12 The Forbidden Hide and Seek
Chapter 13 My Secret Blooming Love for You
Chapter 14 Forcing Herself to Face Forward
Chapter 15 You Are Calling for Me Too, So...
Chapter 16 The One Who Links the Broken Chain
Chapter 17 Taiyaki, Contrariness, and Meroko
Chapter 18 Pure Antithesis 100%
Chapter 19 You Can See the Drops of Reminiscence in the Rain
Chapter 20 Please Call My Name When I Get Lost at the Railroad Crossing
Chapter 21 Pure Love, Songs of Love
Chapter 22 Absolute Territory—Midnight Revolution
Chapter 23 Not Even God Can Stop the Moon
Chapter 24 The One Who Loves You
Chapter 25 Sugarless Milk Chocolate
Chapter 26 If the Little Mermaid Is You
Chapter 27 Rabbit in the Moonlit Night, Dreams and Tears
Chapter 28 Full Moon o Sagashite
Chapter 29 If My Wishes Will Never Come True, I Will...
Chapter 30 To My One and Only Eichi