Kouhei Takasu (Takasu Kouhei) is a minor character who only appeared in the anime.


Physical appearanceEdit

Personality and traitsEdit

Takasu displays his professionalism and talents resulting in reverence in the industry as a top producer. He has amazing insight, which has allowed him to recognize potential and understand motivations of whoever he works with. He has demonstrated this such as when Mitsuki submitted "Myself" as her debut single, as well as perceiving Madoka's role in Fullmoon's scandal. It is implied that this is what makes him such a successful producer that no one was willing to compete against him.

He has expressed that he will only work with those who display this mutual confidence, which implies that he refuses to work seriously with idols who he cannot have faith in. This may could be seen upon his introduction with his cynical behavior towards Fullmoon when she refused to sing the provided song. However, when he does have faith in their ability he is inclined to ignore any morality issues so long as this mutual trust is reciprocated. This was seen when he uses his insight to pressure Madoka's true competitive motivation, and again when he accepted her return to singing willingly without any visible resistance. This also shows a lack of malice towards anyone for past actions so long as they are motivated.


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