Chapter #3 - It's My Treasure

Context --> My feelings toward you, I put in my singing...

-I'm pretty happy with this cover...the two boys with their backs turned...
-It's basically in the image of Matsuura Aya's "100-kai no KISS" ...which I like.
-In a large number of fanletters, I've gotten the question "are Takuto and Eichi-kun the same person!?" Nope, you're wrong, sorry.
-Did you all think that because of this drawing? They do have the same clothes on, I guess.
-I can't think of anything more to write here so I'll stick in a manga.

Sorry about that

About Full Moon wo Sagashite

I've gotten letters from fans asking "Is this the last of those series that you've always wanted to write!?"

There's a difference.

Difference #1- I always wanted to use the title.

Difference #2- But this wasn't going to be the title of the last one. See, different!! The final one shall remain seated!!

See, different!!

Reason #1- There's too much killing to put it in Ribon.

well, if I asked if might be OK, but I don't have the confidence to draw it all. It's long.

Reason #2- I don't plan to draw anything outside of Ribon!!

Leaving that topic behind, let's talk about Full Moon!!

I came up with "Full Moon wo Sagashite" near the end of "Kyoko." At first it was just a normal idol motif... but sometime along the way it turned into this. (It's not like I only want to write fantasies)

(But none of my stories or characters are realistic.)
But I really want to write something normal
Ever since I was writing "I-O-N!!"
To be continued

About Full Moon wo Sagashite Continued.

Continuing from earlier, right when I was making my debut, I had never even though of writing a fantasy (for those who think I'm lying, believe me!)

You believe me.

...My first editor, seeing how [swear word] I am with characters said "Add some kind of twist to the main characters." (Well, they might say that to everyone)

The twist would be like a mermaid or princess or something.

They wouldn't okay the plot without it. (Not that it made that much of a difference to me.)

The only time it did was the first time.
It felt like I was being forced to write it. One time after that, to keep the material from running off into a fantasy, I ran away from fantasy and made the main character a rich girl.
(If you want to know what series I'm talking about buy "Kanshakutama no Yoootsu" from Ribon Mascot Comics!)

That's a long introduction (sorry!). Basically, somewhere along the way fantasy became my trait.

To be continued
How did I waste one page on just the introduction!!
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