"I Want to Sing!" (それでも歌いたい Sore Demo Uta Itai?) is the first episode of the anime adapted from Full Moon o Sagashite.


  • In Mitsuki's dream in the beginning of the episode, Mitsuki has a concert, and she was about to sing her last song. If you listen closely to the background, that song is "New Future."
  • Mitsuki's entry number in the audition is 21.
  • Mitsuki sings the song, "New Future," in the beginning and ending of the episode.


  • When Meroko is saying how Takuto belongs to her and not Mitsuki, Meroko's gloves disappear.
  • Takuto's and Meroko's mouths do not move when they shout "Negi Ramen!"
  • When Meroko puts her hands together and apologizes, her red gloves disappear.


  • "Mitsuki" literally means "full moon."
  • Negi Ramen = spring onion noodles
  • Mitsuki often adds "-sensei" when referring to Wakaoji. Here, "-sensei" means a medical doctor.
  • Shinigami = god of death


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