Fuzuki Kouyama (神山 文月 Kōyama Fuzuki?) is the maternal grandmother of Mitsuki Kouyama and mother of Hazuki Kouyama.



Fuzuki was best friends with a wealthy young girl, Moe Rikyo, during her youth. Despite her illness, she was forced to take on much more responsibility, and was being forced into an arranged marriage with an ugly corporate man, referred to as "Kimiharu". One day, the girls ran into a handsome man playing a violin. Both girls were taken away by his talent, and later learned that he was actually Seijurou Koga. Moe was the one, however, who had feelings for him. Fuzuki felt it was not worth fighting with a friend, so she accepted it with grace, and was happy for her. The three eventually became a strong trio of friends, when everything went wrong. Moe was told that Fuzuki was very ill, and that she could not see her anymore. She soon was being forced into a marriage with Fuzuki's former fiance Kimiharu. When Moe visits Fuzuki, she finds her kissing Seijurou.

At the end of the manga, three years later, Fuzuki and Seijurou were reunited during one of Mituski's concerts.

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  • The anime hairstyle of Mitsuki's grandmother looks nothing like the manga version. In the manga, Fuzuki has long blond hair while in the anime, she has short dark brown hair.
  • Fuzuki's past is more detailed in the manga.
  • Fuzuki and Seijurou at the end of the manga, in the epilogue, call each other's names using the Japanese honorfic "-san" attached at the end, implying politeness and respect. As they are seen smiling at each other, they appear to be (or end) on friendly terms.




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