Videos of episodes, songs and promotional material fall under various copyrights. In order to respect those copyrights, the following rules apply.

General information Edit

Videos should be on-topic (related to Full Moon o Sagashite). Videos about other subjects ("off-topic") that do not include subject matter listed in the Durations section of the Block policy are permitted on user pages, and on Blogs, Talk/Discussion pages and Forums when they are relevant to the discussion at hand.

Whenever possible, link to an existing video on another site such as YouTube instead of uploading the video to this wiki. For instructions how to do this, refer to Help:Videos.

Videos Edit

Episode videos Edit

This wiki is not an episode repository. Uploading episode videos is not allowed as it may be a violation of copyright law.

Song videos Edit

Song videos may be uploaded for use on song pages because they are an excerpt of the episode and generally include spoken dialogue that is usually not a part of a commercial release for the song. The song may be linked to directly from YouTube inside the Infobox for the song.

Interviews and promotional materials Edit

Videos of interviews and other promotional material should be linked to at their original source whenever possible. Uploading a video to this wiki is permitted only when it would help preserve material that might otherwise be lost or become no longer available.

Proper credit must be given to the original source with a link to that source. In addition, a notice should be included on the video's summary that the video is being uploaded as a preservation measure.

Displaying videos Edit

See Help:Videos for examples of the different ways of linking and displaying videos, including providing links to where videos may be purchased.

Deletion Edit

Videos that include subject matter listed in the Block policy will be immediately deleted and the violator blocked as per policy.

To recommend additional topics that need to be included on this page, list them on the Discussion page.

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