General RulesEdit

  1. Never start an article name with "a," "an," or "the" unless it is part of a title of an episode, song, or other media.
  2. Consider how it will be linked to in an article.

Articles for subjects without namesEdit

If you want to write an article about something that doesn't have a name, consider the following:

  • Is the subject large enough to constitute its own article? If a subject doesn't have a name, do we really know enough about it for it to have its own article?
  • Would it be better off in an article about a more general subject? Oftentimes an unnamed character or location can be used to enhance an article that already exists.


  • For unspecific things, the first word should be capitalized, while the succeeding ones are lower case.
  • For specific things, such as Mitsuki Koyama because they are proper nouns.


When creating titles, please punctuate correctly. For example, "And" is always better than "&," unless that is the correct name from a media.

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