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Full Moon o Sagashite: Final Live (満月をさがして:ファイナル·ライヴ Furu Mūn o Sagashite: Fainaru Raivu) is the third and final soundtrack for the anime adapted from Full Moon o Sagashite. The album was released on October 19, 2005, and features Changin' My Life as well as other artists.


Features several of Full Moon's endings, including "Eternal Snow", "Smile", "Focus", etc. Arina Tanemura the creator of Full Moon also contributed to the album.

Track listing[]

No. Title Performer Length [2]
1 "Sugisari Shi Hibi" Myco 03:22
2 "Eternal Snow" Changin' My Life 05:15
3 "Sorezore no Omoi" Myco 02:58
4 "Focus" Changin' My Life 04:43
5 "Ketsui he no Jokyoku" Myco 00:53
6 "Smile" Changin' My Life 04:25
7 "Myself" Changin' My Life 05:05
8 "Yakusoku" Myco 04:08
9 "Love Chronicle" Changin' My Life 04:49
10 "Wakare" Myco 00:51
11 "Mirai he" Myco 03:52
12 "New Future" Changin' My Life 05:10
13 "Myself" ~Meroko Vocal Version~ Meroko Yui 02:49
14 "Eternal Snow" ~Route:L Version~ Route:L 02:26
15 "Smile" Arina Tanemura 04:25

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